Welcome to ICFF, my portfolio site. I'm Ewan McGregor, but for reasons largely relating to the inevitable name confusion and repetitive Star Wars jokes, I tend to go by either EMcG0402429, or PyroICFF. I am a Web App developer by profession, a technical artist by training, an animator by necessity, a game designer by inclination, and a misanthrope by nature. This has lead to a broad spectrum of skills, several of which are even developed to the point where I'm happy with the work I produce!

Some of said work which I am happy with is contained here, as well as some links to various projects that I've worked on in the past, and a means of contacting me, if you want to contact me for some reason.

Updates to the site are likely to be fairly sporadic, as historically, I have proven poor at remembering to update "portfolio" sites. But it will still represent a reasonable cross-section of my work.

- EMcG


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